Should You Consider A Captive Insurance Company?

Captive insurance, at first glance, is a daunting subject. In reality, the concept is quite simple.

At its heart, a captive insurance company is an insurance company that you or your business owns. Captive insurance provides business owners the unique capability to manage their risk more efficiently and improve their company’s bottom line.

Nevertheless, many business owners of companies large and small are unfamiliar with the advantages of captive insurance, much less how to pursue them. Consider this assessment your first step to learning more about the possibilities.

Whether you work in the manufacturing industry, own an entrepreneurial start-up, or are part of an established professional services firm, this assessment is designed to identify whether or not your company features some of the key qualities that are found in successful captive insurance company owners.

Approach the nine short questions that follow with honesty, and choose the responses that most accurately reflect your organization. With just a few moments of your time, you can learn valuable information that may change your company forever.